Our Villa

You don’t need to move to Greece to have your own beautiful Mediterranean home. You simply need to visit Mediterranean Villa in Reston.
Developed in 1970, the Mediterranean Villa homes feature stucco exteriors with tiled roofs, two-car garages, and about 1,900 to 2,500 square feet of living space.
Mediterranean Villa is within walking distance to Reston Town Center and Lake Anne. The neighborhood is also close to the Wiehle-Reston East Metro, Dulles Toll Road and Dulles International Airport.
The Reston Master Development Plan designated certain groups of individual lots as residential "clusters." The owners of such properties are members of a cluster association. The cluster association owns and maintains cluster common property.
Mediterranean Villa Cluster Association is a non-profit originazation. The originazation was established in 07/1971 and aimed at combating community deterioration.

Our philosophy

The striking beauty of Mediterranean Villa Cluster results from the sweep of a singularly unified design. Arches, patio walls, a single stucco color with a carefully selected palette of trim and roof colors for home exteriors, and Cluster-wide landscaping and maintenance plans have all contributed to making this Cluster unique. As a Cluster of 37 individually owned properties, we depend on each and every householder to maintain the exterior of their homes. No individual home will hold its value, or appear at its best, if surrounding homes are not well maintained.

Visitor Information


Guest parking spaces are located at both end of the cluster. Additional curbside parking is available.

Vehicles should not be parked along curbs that have been painted yellow. This is required so that fire and other emergency vehicles can drive easily through the Cluster.

Vehicles should not be parked in common driveways in a way that would impede the access of others. Care should also be taken not to bloc traffic flow around the west island.

Mediterranean Villa Cluster Association

Please contact Mediterranean Villa Cluster Association board of directors for any concerns and issues about the cluster.

Safety and Security

Vehicles shall not be driven any faster than the speed of 15 miles per hour on Mediterranean Court.


Reston was planned with the following principles, as stated by Robert E. Simon in 1962:

In the creation of Reston, Virginia, these are the major goals:

1. That the widest choice of opportunities be made available for the full use of leisure time. This means that the New Town should provide a wide range of cultural and recreational facilities as well as an environment for privacy.

2. That it be possible for anyone to remain in a single neighborhood throughout his life, uprooting being neither inevitable nor always desirable. By providing the fullest range of housing styles and prices – from high-rise efficiencies to 6-bedroom townhouses and detached houses – housing needs can be met at a variety of income levels and at different stages of family life. This kind of mixture permits residents to remain rooted in the community if they so choose – as their particular housing needs change. As a by-product, this also results in the heterogeneity that spells a lively and varied community.

3. That the importance and dignity of each individual be the focal point for all planning, and take precedence for large-scale concepts.

4. That the people be able to live and work in the same community.

5. That commercial, cultural and recreational facilities be made available to the residents from the outset of the development – not years later.

6. That beauty – structural and natural – is a necessity of the good life and should be fostered.

7. Since Reston is being developed from private enterprise, in order to be completed as conceived it must also, of course, be a financial success.

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